R&D Team, Professional and Stable
Through the development of over 26 years, the company has established a complete and mature R&D system, and built a technical R&D team featuring high quality and rational structure. There are 120 doctors and master's degrees in scientific research,and which account more than 40% of the scientific researchers.  The key R&D personnel, with over 18 years of experience, have strong capabilities of scientific research innovation and have worked in the company for more than 15 years. Meanwhile, the company has established a series of R&D management systems such as project accountability system, cost accounting system, appraisal and incentive system and talent growth system, motivating the working enthusiasm and initiative of the technical personnel greatly.

R&D Platform, Leading in the Industry
The company has one Work Station of Postdoctoral Scientific Researchers;one Group Research Institute; three Scientific Reseach Centers;Five R&D Engineering Centers: Guangdong Feed Additives Bio-engineering Technology Research &Development Center, Enterprise Technology Center of Guangdong Province, Enzyme Preparation Development & Industrialization Engineering Technology Research Center of Hunan Province, Biological Steroid Hormone Engineering Center of Hunan Province, and Enterprise Technology Center of Henan Province. The R&D Center consists of Gene Engineering Fermentation Dept., Monogastric Animal Products Dept., Ruminant Products Products Dept., Aquatic Animal Products Products Dept., Micro-ecological Dept.,Biochemical & Formulation Research Dept.and Industrial Enzyme Dept. The company has made extensive cooperation with a large number of domestic colleges, universities and research institutions, having formed the R&D mode that is dominated by independent innovation and supplemented by cooperation.

Technical Inheritance, Great Achievements 
The company has 151 invention patents, 11 core technologies and 4 proprietary technologies; besides, it has been granted more than 40 awards. General Standard of Feed Enzyme Preparation, the first standard of the industry, was drafted by the company. The company also joined in the drafting of 12 national and industrial standards, including 9 standards for feed enzyme preparations and 3 for other enzyme preparations.